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"Understanding and Addressing Hymen Abnormalities: What You Need to Know"

Updated: Mar 29

The Hymen: Variations and Treatments Explained

The hymen is a thin, flexible membrane located at the opening of the vagina. While some believe it's necessary for virginity, the hymen's presence or appearance doesn't determine sexual history. More importantly, the hymen can vary in shape and size, sometimes causing difficulties. Let's delve into hymen variations and their treatments.

Types of Hymenal Variations:

  • Imperforate Hymen: This is where the hymen completely covers the vaginal opening, blocking menstrual blood and secretions. It might go unnoticed at birth but can cause problems during puberty when menstruation begins. Symptoms include abdominal or pelvic pain due to trapped blood, and potential urinary issues.

  • Microperforate Hymen: Here, the hymen has a very small opening. While menstrual blood and secretions can pass through, it might be difficult or impossible to use tampons or have comfortable intercourse. Some women with this variation might not even realize it until attempting tampon use.

  • Cribiform Hymen: This hymen has several tiny openings, allowing some flow but preventing tampon usage and potentially making intercourse difficult.

  • Septate Hymen: This variation has a band of tissue dividing the hymen into two smaller openings. Similar to a microperforate hymen, it can cause difficulties with tampons and intercourse. Some women with a septate hymen might not be aware of the extra tissue.

Treatment Options:

If a hymen variation is causing problems, a simple outpatient procedure called a hymenectomy can be performed. During this procedure, a pediatric surgeon removes the excess hymenal tissue, creating a normal-sized vaginal opening. This is a safe and effective procedure with minimal pain afterwards. The hymenectomy ensures the removed tissue won't grow back.

The location of the procedure (office or operating room) depends on the amount of tissue to be removed and patient comfort.


  • Hymen variations are natural and don't indicate anything about sexual history.

  • If you experience difficulties due to a hymen variation, talk to your doctor.

  • Hymenectomy is a safe and effective solution to restore normalcy.

By understanding hymen variations and treatment options, women can make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

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