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"The Top Medical Startups: A Smart Investment for Today's Market"

Updated: Apr 6

Advancing Medical Care: A Look at 9 Innovative Startups Funded in 2021

The landscape of medical technology is constantly evolving, with new startups emerging to address unmet needs and improve patient care. In 2021, venture capitalists invested heavily in groundbreaking medical device companies. Let's explore nine such companies that secured funding and the advancements they're bringing to healthcare:

  1. ForSight Robotics (Israel): This company is revolutionizing ophthalmic surgery through the development of surgical robotic platforms. Their technology utilizes data analytics to enhance surgical precision and potentially make these procedures more accessible to vision-impaired patients.

  2. Oxular (United Kingdom): A leader in therapeutic devices for retinal diseases, Oxular is tackling diabetic macular edema (DME). Their recent funding will support a Phase II clinical trial of OXU-001, a drug-delivery system designed to treat DME and potentially prevent blindness.

  3. ZygoFix (Israel): Offering an alternative to spinal fusion surgery, ZygoFix has developed zLOCK, a 3D-printed, screwless implant. This innovative device boasts unique bendable features for better joint adaptation and aims to minimize pain and recovery time.

  4. 100Plus (United States): Focused on remote patient monitoring, 100Plus offers a suite of devices for tracking vital signs like blood pressure and blood sugar. Their investor funding will fuel the development of AI tools to further enhance remote patient care.

  5. Senseonics (United States): This company's Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System provides a wearable solution for diabetics to monitor their glucose levels seamlessly. Their focus lies on product development, clinical trials, and expanding their market reach.

  6. Neurent Medical (Ireland): Targeting chronic rhinitis sufferers, Neurent Medical offers the NEUROMARK™ Rhinitis Neurolysis Therapy. This non-surgical approach disrupts hyperactive nerves to provide relief without the risks associated with traditional treatments.

  7. Reperio Health (United States):  This company's FDA-approved health kit empowers individuals to test various health metrics at home. The kit connects with a user-friendly mobile app that guides users through the testing process and provides insights into the results.

  8. TytoCare (United States): Specializing in on-demand remote medical examinations, TytoCare's technology allows patients to connect with clinicians virtually. Their TytoHome kit provides tools for vital sign monitoring and remote examinations, facilitating accurate diagnoses from the comfort of home.

  9. Truvian (United States): Developing benchtop blood analyzers that combine multiple testing functionalities, Truvian aims to improve blood testing efficiency. Their funding will support regulatory approvals to introduce their technology into retail and point-of-care settings, potentially making blood testing more accessible.

These nine startups represent just a glimpse of the exciting advancements happening in the medical device industry. Their efforts hold immense promise for improving patient outcomes, increasing access to care, and revolutionizing how we diagnose and manage diseases.

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